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Affiliate marketing with a real difference

(for those sick of the whole sell me one product, funnel me to several other products, keep reading).  No multiple sales funnels here, in fact you can play around with this for free.

And sorry, I’m not going to place super videos, banners and testimonials here.  It’s all just text, just from me.(OK I’ll place a nice banner at the end of this post for you to click on to try it out).

When thinking about affiliate marketing, you need to realise that you will be most successful working with what interests you, what you are passionate about. Everyone has a hobby or something that we are excited about and motivated when we think about it.

There are MILLIONS of different product niches that you could potentially tap into online and this genuine peer generated platform  will assist you to come up with your very own niche “topic”

I know right now you are asking, OK, so how much will it cost?  I am delighted to let you know my friend that you will not have to spend $1 to enter this platform.  YES, i was surprised with this also.

I worked casually, but soon I stopped getting calls from my boss to come in to work.  I became desperate.  In just the last two weeks (March 2017) I have spent over $500 buying “system after system”, desperate to find something to make me some real money real quick.  I know now that the people making that money real quick are the ones selling to people like me.

Well I can honestly say that I’m surprised with this unique platform.  Within minutes of joining (for free) I was greeted and welcomed by several of the members (I may show my age here, but it was like the old IRC days).  They did so in live chat and instant messaging.  All positive and wishing me the best, with offers of help should I need it.

So I thought, something is wrong here.  I get in here free, treated like a new best friend, and no one has asked me for $1.No one even hit me up with their great marketing program for me to sell.

Then after chatting a little more, and watching 5 hours of information and training videos (and yet I’m still only half way through the information and videos they have).  I realised something….

These people are just like me.  People that want to succeed, and see others succeed.  Even when I had a question, I could ask immediately in the live group chat and received instant answers and support.


When you choose a passion, success is much more likely to follow.

Even with the free sign up, they’ll give you two free WordPress websites, pre-configured and set up, already hosted. Of course you can bring your own websites along, and register many more if you choose to upgrade to their premium package.

They have taught me how to identify a niche interest, build a free website to promote it, how to attract targeted traffic and generate revenue.


So here it is, the only link or graphic on this page to get you there.  But before you do that feel free to email me with any question you may have, I don’t mind answering any queries you may have because in the last two weeks wasting hundreds of dollars I had no one.  You can email me at cadco76 {at} (email link written this way to avoid spam).

P.S. you don’t have to spend a $1.  Check it out and see what benefits it may generate for you.