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So I put this post together in literally 10 minutes.

i was talking with a team member, James, who wanted a little more information on what I was doing.Online marketing business tips

Then I was reminded of something that one of my mentors taught me.  The ILT approach. And I strongly believe in this.

I am successful enough to pay my bills, my mortgage, treat my family and friends.  I am not the guy saying you will earn $2000 per day in the first week.

So I put this quick guide together for James.

ILT Implement, Learn, Teach

I have spent so many hours researching, hundreds of dollars testing and trying different models, concepts and programs.

So my approach with James is that now that I’ve learnt more, I’ll teach more.

To me this is just general nature, Karma driven.  When we teach others to succeed, we flourish.


Wealthy Affiliate Community

This is a vibrant and interactive community of people.

There is a huge amount of tutorials, videos, learning programs and live community chat. There is always something here that you can learn or be inspired about.

I have learnt a tremendous amount here, and recommend it as a great first starting point.  The community here is truly amazing.


A more in-depth review I posted is available here.


Rock Solid Traffic

Rock Solid Traffic is unique from any other traffic seller.

They do not sell solo ads, and it does not work like solo ads. Most importantly, Rock Solid Traffic solves all of the things that make solo ads annoying and frustrating.

Unlike solo ads, each click with Rock Solid is unique and almost entirely from real US and Tier One ranked people. These are hyper-responsive people who specifically ask to learn more about your offer.

So this leads to better opt-in rates and conversions.

RockSolid Traffic online marketing leads




The SEO secret that will get your website to page one in GoogleGoogle page one rankings, SEO secrets

This I am going to write in more detail, as it is truly a revolutionary way of gaining top page rankings in Google search.

Please do yourself a favour and check it out here.






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