The Google ranking strategies SEO’s don’t want you to know about

There’s a buzz out there regarding a page one Google ranking secret

And the SEO’s don’t want you knowing about this! Shhhh….

There are just three simple steps, and I’ll share that with you soon. But first I want to tell you how and why this secret to ranking page one on Google matters.

Some people are raving on about how SEO is dead, how page rank doesn’t matter, and that you should put all your time (and money) into solo ads and other advertising platforms.  The fact is that these are the exact same people who just don’t know the importance of high Google page rank, or they are unable to deliver it…. so they try to sell you their services.

They’ll tell you it’s a waste of time, only the big companies can rank high, it will take months, and of course, if you hire them they will do a much better job at improving your business and sales.  This simply is not true.

In fact, there has never been a greater opportunity or importance in ensuring that you rank highly in search engines such as Google than right now.

Google search engine market share

Google dominates the search engine market with an 80% share of all searches.
Source: NetMarketShare April 2017





8 out of 10 people searching for you, are doing it through Google!

And then there’s the multiplier effect.
What if you ranked on the top page for two or three of your keywords?  It’s not hard to say, but you will be crushing it.

Google page one rankings, SEO secrets

And again….


Top first page Google ranking SEO

How Can We Make Finding Quality Keywords And Getting 1st Page Search Engine Rankings An EXACT Science?

The fact is that you don’t have to do this all alone, and don’t have to pay an SEO expert $100’s per month to do it for you (which they do using tools exactly like this anyway).

It is true though, this is not a set and forget strategy.  You still need to put in a little work to keep your site and content relevant, up to date and engaging.  So please don’t think you can just use this then walk away.

As promised, here’s the three simple steps to the best Google page rankings

  1. Try the program
  2. Add a list of keywords and allow it to find easy page one targets
  3. Use the keywords effectively and engagingly, and turn on the traffic!

This program is great for:

  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • SEO consultants
  • Podcasters
  • Affiliates
  • Lead Generation
  • Website promotion and sales
  • Making real money online, at home, and crushing your competition.
  • In reality, anyone on the internet. If you have a website and no one visits it… what’s the point?

I will be releasing this information in the next few days

I love it.  It has been making a huge difference to the niche sites that I manage.

Let me know if you would like to find out about it!  This is the way you can fire your SEO company, save hundreds of dollars, and really get your website ranked page one on Google.

Get informed first, here!

Simply click on the “Google 1st Page” picture below to learn how.




I’d love to hear your feedback and comments, or please message me if you would like.

To your success


8 thoughts on “The Google ranking strategies SEO’s don’t want you to know about

  • I’m like if this thing a shot seems pretty interesting and simple. I have been looking at different ways to rank better with Google because Google is the way to go for everything. I want question though, is it free? I don’t really like trying things out and having to pay for them while I try them out. If the cost isn’t that much though I might give it a try anyway

    • Hi Adriana

      From what I have seen this is definitely a great way to go about ranking your website page one on Google.

      There is only a small cost, and we all know that “you get what you pay for”.

      Instead of spendings hundreds, or thousands of dollars per month on SEO…..this is a winner.

      Best of luck


  • Hi Craig, just read your page on getting first page rankings on Google, the page was put together very well, and I already signed up for the software link for the Google rankings.The software looks really good and if it delivers of what everyone claims, then it will be a home run for sure. Looking forward to checking it out, thank you!

    • Hi Mike

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad that this helps you. Previously I’ve been spending hundreds of dollars per month to a SEO to gat me ranked page one on Google. And yes, theyachieved it. But with this now I can do it for a fraction of the cost and be more in control!

      Do let me know how you go.

      Cheers Craig

  • That’s what I really hate about these so-called “SEO experts” – They boast about page 1 rankings on Google, but never actually tell you their secrets. But if you dig deeper into their sites using software, it’s clear to see that they’re involved in backlinking strategies to boost their websites to the top of Google.

    And I bet if those links are undone, the websites slide down the rankings lol.

    They’re not experts at all. They’re “Google GAMERS!”

    There are so many mixed opinions and also myths on SEO, that you never know what the actual real truth is

    But I think it’s great that you’ve shared a simple keyword process for rankings, and I’ll definitely check out your recommended program.

    Neil 🙂

    • So true Neil! I’m glad that you’ll check this out. I’ve found it to be great, and saves me a lot of time and money, plus gives me more control of my website SEO. No more paying out hundreds of dollars to those SEO scammers!


  • Yeah SEO is not dead, I’m getting about 400 people to my site organically each week all from search engines and my site has only been up about 6 months, bearing in mind I haven’t used any back links or PBNs, and it’s about freaking robotic lawn mowers lol

    Now fair enough I still need to convert this traffic but it’s obvious that SEO is alive and kicking, if you’re willing to be patient and do what Google wants then you will be rewarded!

    • Hi Lyle

      Yes, totally true! Thanks for your comment. I think just too many cowboys jumped on the SEO band wagon, and are ripping people off.


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